SKTC, in association with Newtown Parks & Recreation, presents Stray Kittens

1 and 2 week sessions

Theatre Games


Scripted Material

July 8-19, Monday thru Friday from 10-3

At the "Garage" Teen Center, 57 Church Hill Road, Newtown

Ages 9-14


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Activity Number - 407602


Questions? Email:

or call 203-516-0606

Stray Kittens-Education & Camp

For Kids

An inclusive summer program for kids who love to act. Theatre games, improvs develop the tools an actor need to communicate. Everyone participates all the time! Will reopen in 2018!

For adults

Small classes designed to wade through the myriad of techniques and provide aspiring actors with basic tools to make them perform like a pro. Minimum 4 students per class required.


  • We're so happy with Steven's experience at Saturday Academy. Methodology he's learning through the arts is already carrying over to work habits in other areas of life. …The spirit of teamwork in an environment of kindness was already apparent. Congratulations to you for creating this special atmosphere. -Ellen Belitzky

  • Kate...You have one devoted fan----Emmy (Clarke: “Monk”) loves you and your classes---more than words can say.  Thank you for being so good to her.  She told me about your class on Saturday and the wall she hit with her monologue.  You really pushed her and she appreciates it more than you'll ever know.  Tim says that she had tears in her eyes when he picked her up.  They were the 'good' kind---don't worry!  …She told Tim and I that she thought she might be leaving the Saturday Academy for good come high school----but after Saturday's class, she said you're going to have to kick her out!
Thank you from each and every one of us!  You and your team are fab. -Kate Clarke

  • “…Alexandra took a sabbatical from your workshop to be with a friend at another theatre camp, and she saw a big difference in quality. She was able to see what she liked and didn't like, in favor of your workshop.  -Ilene Kramer

  •  “…Natalie is having a fantastic time. I do not recall her being this excited over anything. All she does at home is perform all the songs, even as she waits for the bus…Thank you and the others for your dedication and motivation. It is certainly reflected in my daughter’s eyes and smile.” -Gody Martinez

  • “…I realize how difficult it must be to give each child the time and attention and it seems that you all do it with great ease. Each child seemed to feel they have their own moment to shine. Keep up the great work.” -Linda Tillman

  • “…It’s just what I wish for my children more often – being asked (pushed) to reach within and work with their own tools – voice, body and mind!” -Marjorie Glass

  • “My family & I were impressed by the quality of the production and the talent you have working with the kids. It was really fun to watch. Mollie will be a part of the camp next year for sure…" -Shawna Feeley

  • “…You do miracles with your students.” -Mary Conseur

  • “…such a dedicated staff that clearly gave a lot of attention and guidance to each camper.” -Sally Begley

  • “You have helped so many kids get in touch with their talents and form meaningful relationships. The videos of their memories that will have an everlasting impact are already stored in their hearts and minds.” -Molina Bogusia

  • “I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the Broadway Babes showcase. Anthony really had a good time these last two weeks. He looked forward to coming and told me he liked the staff and counselors….” -Michele Ramadei

  • “I want to thank you for bringing such positive light to my Samantha’s summer. This was a big step for us – probably me more so than her! To be gone from her family for 4 weeks in a different state where she knew nobody her own age…Well, can I just say that Sam now wants to move from New Hampshire! She had a blast while feeling as if she was getting quality guidance from seasoned professionals. Her high regards for each and every one of you was apparent in our phone conversations and emails. However, your  expertise and warm instruction was evident in the group’s performance and as part of an impressed audience I can only thank you and wish for you many more young joyful students to mold. -Pam Ruth

  •  “I was very impressed in how Austin’s talent greatly improved since previous years at other camps. I feel strong this was due to the competence of the acting and singing teachers. He learned process, not just the product…” -Cindy Phelan

  •  “I think that the program is very helpful to young children. It gives them something and someplace to go that they can have fun and feel very important. The program helps build the child’s self-esteem.” -Shirley Gadson

  • “Kaeleigh thoroughly enjoyed the training and feels she learned a lot. She is also hoping she will be considered for next year’s program. As part of the audience, I thought the children did a great job. They certainly benefited through the talents of your staff of instructors. Thank you.” -Kay Bialko

  • “The program was great. Dana had way too much fun!…” -Cindy Allinson

  • Thank you once again for producing and directing such a wonderful show in A Thurber Carnival. It was such a pleasure to watch Steven and his fellow cast members grow through each performance and enjoy the success of their efforts. I do see that Steven's participation … continues to have a positive influence on his work habits and interpersonal skills when he is not rehearsing and performing. With sincere appreciation and best regards,-Ellen Belitzky

  • Re: Little Shop of Horrors: Allow me to congratulate you on another FANTASTIC show! BRAVO! Your reputation is certainly getting around my family.. they don't want to miss any of the shows! I love watch the show opening night and then another later to see how they have fine tuned and evolved. Friday night was excellent... Saturday night blew me away! Thank you for all that you do. These kids, especially Rebecca, adore you! Happy Holidays! -Kim Mraz

    I wanted to thank you again for choosing this (script) for me. Dorie is the perfect choice for me. I am having so much fun with it. Now if I could only memorize the lines....

I can't remember when I was this excited about anything. I waited for three years for 7 Angels to offer an adult acting glass that I could take - it always got cancelled or I was travelling. I'm having so much fun while actually learning something. I'm not planning on actually auditioning for anything - ever - but the class is exactly what I needed to fulfill my needs. 
I hope they offer it again - I'll definately be there!

    Thank you,

    Jacqueline Brenda Lebel-Morgan.

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