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SKTC is starting up again with its signature Stray Kittens Summer Theatre Workshop for Kids ages 9-14. This year, we are thrilled to be working with our new friends at Fraser Woods Montessori School's beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facility on South Main Street, Newtown! 

Stray Kittens is an alternative theatre program for children who just love to act. There is no competition for the 'lead role' in this or that musical. No musicals; just acting, improvisation, movement, speech, and fun. In the past, we wrote and performed original plays inspired by our students such as Camp Kawanahana, Peer Review, Into the Void, and many more!

What will we do this season? We'll just have to wait and see, because each session is uniquely tailored to the individual students participating. EVERY student participates ALL the time!

In addition, Stray Kats is a non-profit organization whose policy is that no child who wishes to study with us be turned away because of financial constraints. Please contact us to discuss payments plans and needs-based-scholarships. All special arrangements will be strictly confidential.  


If you have any ideas, or a group of potential students (children or adults) that are interested in A Day of Play workshops, contact info@straykatstheatrecompany or 203-514-2221. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Comments on Stray Kats classes:

Hi Kate,

We just wanted to say thank you for what has been an excellent experience for our son Dylan.  It is the first time in a long time that Dylan would come home with a healthy case of “motor mouth” – He would go on and on about this and that - “we did this and then we did this and then we did this really cool exercise and then there was this game where someone would give the next person a gift and the receiver would have to guess what it was” (I must admit that until I saw it live did I truly understand how it worked) but he was full of pure enthusiasm which is a wonderful gauge to measure how positive the program was..


Phyllis and I had been searching for a program that addressed all of the areas your workshop addressed – you just didn’t give the kids a pool to swim in, you were teaching them the different strokes and how to eventually swim – we could see focus, improvisation, controlled emotion including humor, posture, breathing for both singing and stage voice projection, stage presence with a level of comfort on stage, and of course a sense of belonging to a team; your program and the individuals involved did an outstanding job.


Dylan has informed us in a forceful yet respectful voice that he wants to do it again next summer!

We mentioned to Dylan about your Stray Kats Theatre program and he told us with no hesitation that he wants to be involved.  So count us in and keep us informed with the particulars and if there is anything we can do to help you with the theatre company please do not hesitate to call or email or both…

Thank you again.


John N. Cortese


Last night's show was fabulous--we enjoyed every minute!  Our sincere thanks to you and your hard-working staff for providing Carly with such a positive experience these past three weeks.  What a great group of kids!  Best wishes and congratulations to you all.

 Ann Brennan.


You are incredible.  My kids were so excited with your program.  They were very sad it came to an end.  I thank you very much for such an incredible program that you offered my children.  It will stay with them for a life time. I am looking forward for future programs you offer.

Thanks again Kim Ramos


Just wanted to say thank you!  This was Liza's first experience with a music/theater  program and she loved it!
I hope you offer this again next summer and please keep us in the loop on any and all other programs
as they become available.
Donna M. Gentrup

Thanks again for providing such an enriching program for the kids. Best money I have spent on a summer program for Katie--it was a perfect fit for our Sarah Bernhardt!

 Michele C. Lurie

Hi Kate,

I thought I'd let you know that Emily's own personal motivation for taking your class was to help herself to overcome her shyness (she also happened to choose Broadway Bound over summer sleep-away camp, which she had originally intended to go to again this year). I think she did great in the show! My husband cried a bit, watching her. She now regrets having given up a voice part, which then went to another child. She told me she was proud of herself for sticking with it until the end, and for her performance onstage. I am so very happy for her. Even though Emily doesn't aspire to be an actor, and this was probably her first and last experience of this kind, I know she got so much out of it and she will remember it for a lifetime. 

 Thank you for that.  



Oh, my! Emily just told me she would like to do more "Broadway Bound" classes again sometime!


 Thank you for a wonderful first experience in the theatre world for Emma.  She has always loved to sing and we hoped that she would gain confidence in her singing and performing in a program like this.  The performance was wonderful (just quite hot!).  The children worked so well together under your guidance.  We appreciate all your hard work and your staff was so supportive, also.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.

 Della Schmid 

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­What an incredibly rewarding experience Dylan had with you.  Every day he would come home filled with language that I knew he was absorbing & learning & having fun!!  Thanks soo much. 

 Phyllis Cortese

Phyllis Cortese

Executive Director

Charles Ives Authority for the Performing Arts